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Elite Camp 2024: Olympic Medalists Gergely Siklósi, Sandro Cuomo.

Dear all,

We welcome guest coach Gergely Siklósi, 2019 World Champion and 2020/21 Olympic Silver Medalist in joining Sandro Cuomo, 1996 Olympic Champion to our 2024 Elite Season Prep Camp on August 12th.

Yes, these two titans of epee fencing will be flying out to Sterling, Virginia after the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Sandro will also be assisted by his younger son, Fabricio Cuomo, a strong Italian Junior Champion. This is the fourth year the Cuomo family joins us in the Summer.

We will be watching the 2024 Olympics eagerly because it may be that our Elite Camp this Summer will have two more Olympic medals in the room by the time we start. We hope you can join us for this amazing experience.

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