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Updated: Jan 18

Dear fencing friends and families, it's with great pleasure we are announcing our new armory and equipment services at CFA!

Coach Konstantin ( 704 340 1514 / ) is our designated armorer and he’s opening a virtual store at the club. Please contact him directly once you are ready to purchase your equipment.

We are streamlining sizing, ordering and repairing equipment to the highest possible quality and convenience while keeping prices as reasonable as possible. CFA gets a club discount with most vendors and recently there has been a ton of changes to the market. Navigating the myriad options is near impossible unless you’ve been in the game for decades, so we are here to help.

Coach Konstantin will also be working directly with all the coaches to make sure the kit is fine-tuned to individual specs down to the millimeter.

New Kit and Upgrades:

When you are ready to order a new set of equipment or upgrade what you currently have, please contact Coach Konstantin and select one of the following options, keep in mind market prices fluctuate and you will be provided an exact amount to confirm before the order is placed:

  • Youth. Size Two Blade, Non-FIE Beginners stretch uniform, mid-tier mask, shoulder carry bag. $300-$400

  • Silver. Size Five BF FIE Maraging Blade. Non-FIE Beginners stretch uniform, mid-tier mask, shoulder carry bag. $550-$700

  • Gold. Size Five BF FIE Maraging Blade. FIE Uniform (Olympic level) FIE Mask. Rolling Bag. $900-$1500

Coach Konstantin will then schedule a time to measure for size using current club equipment, adjust for variations and details and place the order for you. He will add a processing fee of ($60) then add your kit to a group order every two weeks.

CFA Core Fencers and Repairs:

Diagnostics and small repairs that do not require disassembly are free of charge. Everything requiring disassembly: $70. Parts included. Turn around time one week. Weapon passing to FIE standard is guaranteed for two weeks.

Please contact Konstantin directly and/or fill out a repair tag with your name and contact info and put it into the IN locker at the club. Once ready, you will receive a notification and an invoice. Pick up your gear from the OUT locker.

Guest Fencers:

We are happy to provide armory services at our tournaments and during open practices.

Diagnostics and small repairs $10. Rewires $90

Everyone: emergency rewires: $120. Turn around time overnight.

We also offer custom field repair and testing kits. Everything needed to tune up a weapon in an pinch. Spare parts and basic tools $100 organized in a small carry bag.

All orders and payments directly to Coach Konstantin ( 704 340 1514 / ) please.

Happy fencing! Head Coach and Founder Ilya V. Lobanenkov

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