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Spring 2021 Newsletter: Tournaments, Beginners and Summer planning.

Dear fencing friends and families,

As the world is ramping up vaccinations (I am scheduled for my first dose tomorrow, Coach Claire is Sunday, Coach Ed is already vaccinated...) and COVID numbers are looking better everyday, we are endorsing a few tournaments and policies around them.

Dear Beginners! If you like fencing and would like to continue, your options are explained here. We also encourage you to try our Intro to Tournaments event on Sunday, March 14th. We will teach USA Fencing event format, positive competitive psychology, and the kids will have a great time. Prizes will be awarded for the top three finishers. Registration under “Tournaments” here.

March 6th Weekend: Orlando Challenge. The organizers have pledged a lot of precautions for this event. We have two people going and I will be asking them to get a PCR test five days after their return. If you feel uncomfortable that your fencer may cross paths with our returning athletes, you are welcome to reschedule your lessons. I will be adding additional lesson slots and group clinics on upcoming Saturdays.

March 26th Weekend. Fairfax Challenge. These organizers have already demonstrated an ability to run a safe event. Registration closes March 12th. CFA is endorsing this event and I’d love for our competitive fencers to show up in force. Again, if you feel uncomfortable and plan to miss some lessons due to an abundance of caution, we will provide additional training opportunities. This is also the same weekend that I will be getting the second dose of vaccine so I am taking it off.

Summer Schedule. Summer will be here sooner than you know it. If this is your first year fencing and/or you just recently started private lessons, a Beginner Summer Camp is still a great fit for you. We are still working on the rec/intermediate and competitive camp schedule, but please plan for competitive three hour camps beginning the week of June 14th.

Coach Ilya out March 15-24 and March 26th. Michaela Joyce and I are traveling to Kazan, Russia for a Senior World Cup, the last event of the Tokyo Olympic Games selection process. The USA Fencing delegation has set up a comprehensive process for this and if everything goes right I will be coming in Thursday the 25th, then am taking off Friday, March 26th to receive the second dose of vaccine. Substitutes, extra lessons and clinics to be scheduled on Hephaestus. Wish us luck at our first Senior World Cup and I will make sure to keep everyone updated!

See you at the gym and happy fencing! Here's a throwback to pre-mask days when Inaki and I had a face-off before a fun bout for an FIE blade.

Coach Ilya and the CFA team.

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