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Cardinal Fencing Academy 2.0

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Dear fencing friends and families!

Construction has begun on Cardinal Fencing Academy 2.0!

We will be moving to the larger space on July 1st 2023. The new address will be 45980 Center Oak Plaza, Sterling, VA 20166.

Until then we are still at 44900 Acacia Ln Suite 108, Sterling, VA 20166.

Stand by for details on:

  • 12 Strips and a little space for life (For Fencers by Fencers and Families)

  • Wireless Repeaters on Scoring Machines (Look forward at the light)

  • Full Climate Control (80+ adults certified to work out while breathing easy in the Summer or Winter)

  • A New Floor (Easy on the knees)

  • New classes and schedules designed for a larger space (Athlete prep, lessons and sparring on same day and so much more)

  • And of course the support we provide families to navigate fencing from day one to shooting for the stars (Beginners guided from basics through the unknown, yearly schedule, equipment repair, tournament coaching, International competition and college recruitment)

All registrations will be automatically transferred to the new gym.

Head Coach and CFA Founder Ilya V. Lobanenkov.

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