Ilya Lobanenkov

Head Coach and Founder

Ilya has worked with internationally competitive programs for over 28 years. Some notable results from his students include: 

  • #7 FIE World Rank in Junior Women's epee 2021

  • 2020 World Championship Team member in both Cadet and Junior Women's epee.

  • #1 USA 17 and Under  Women's Epee points standing finish in 2019.

  • Divison 1 Womens Epee Silver.

  • Back to back Gold Medals in Youth 14 Nationals and Capitol Clash SYCs. 

  • Gold at the 2019 Grenoble Cadet Team European Cup.

  • Silver at the 2019 Junior Olympics,

  • Gold in Vet-40 ME Team and Bronze in Vet-40 National Championships. 

  • Other podium appearances Nationally and Internationally across USA Fencing Epee events.

Ilya has served as the USA Team coach at multiple World Cups bringing home the winner's Danube Cup from Bratislava CWE2019. Every champion starts as a beginner and Ilya works with each fencer at their pace while always shooting for the stars.  


Iñaki de Guzman

Sparring Coach

Iñaki is a strong Division 1 and NCAA fencer with more than a few North American and World Cups in his competitive career. Currently a competitor, he is working with fencers in full speed sparring sessions that help connect  actions learned in lessons to real bouts. Iñaki's strengths are fluid, precise actions that accelerate at the right moment and provide clear strategies in tough situations. 


Michaela Joyce

Youth and Beginner Coach

  • #7 FIE World Rank in Junior Women's epee 2021

  • USFA Cadet Ranking #1, Juniors Ranking #3 and Seniors Ranking #10 

  • Member of the 2020 Junior (18-20) and Cadet (16-17) World Team 

  • 1st Place 2020 Junior Pan American Team and Individual Championships 

  • 2019-2020 USA Fencing High School All-American First Team Member 

  • Member of the 2020-2021 USFA Leadership Academy

  • Cadet Team World Cup Champion, Grenoble 2019


Ed Donofrio

Foil Coach and Olympic Strategies

Edward J. Donofrio was one of the premier and dominant International and National Foil Fencers in his era. He was a three time World Cup Finalist (1975 Montreal, 1976 Rommel) and 1977 Lowe Von Bows, A events). In 1976 he was an Olympic Semi-Finalist In 1979, Ed won a Pan Am Team Silver medal. As a two time National Champion Gold Medalist and 5 time National Championship finalist, Ed dominated American foil fencing. Major National victories included two Olympic Trial gold medals, Olympic Sports Festival Gold Medals and countless "A" Foil Opens. Ed was the Head Coach at the US Naval Academy in 1991 -1992. In online, Ed fenced at the United States Naval Academy, where he was an All-American and received The Coins, Award IFA Fencer of the Year in 1972 (Foil). He was Captain of the 1973 USNA Fencing Team. In 1978, be was inducted in the U.S. Naval Academy Athletic Hell of Fame. This is a huge honor as his photo and records are celebrated in the USNA Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Roger Staubach, Joe Bellino and David Robinson.

  • Here is a list of his greatest fencing accomplishments. 1976 U.S. Foil Champion

  • 1974 U.S. Foil Team Champion - United States Marine Corp

  • 1975 Montreal World Cup Invitational - 10th

  • 1976 U.S. Olympic Team - Semi Finalist, 7th (Foil)

  • 1976 Rommel Cop (A) - Finalist: 8th

  • 1977 Lowe Von Bonn (A) - Finalist - 5th

  • 1979 Pan American Games- Silver Medal: Team

  • 5 Time Finalist in the U.S. Championships

  • U.S. Naval Academy Head Coach: 1991 - 1992


Alex Rachtchinine


Alex is a three-time US National 40+ Champion and an A-rated fencer. He started fencing back in Russia and after a break returned to the sport as a coach and Veteran competitor. He brings a solid technical foundation to his group and individual lessons while maintaining a fun classroom environment.   


Doug Tableman


Doug Tableman has worked with fencers at all levels, from high school leagues to international world cups. His personalized approach allows him to tailor his coaching for every student, meeting their specific needs. Even in a group setting, Doug can engage each student personally.

As an athlete, Doug competed on the Div 1 National Circuit while finishing his MBA at St. Johns. He understands the variety of demands that his students face, and is committed to helping them reach their goals in sports and academics.


Claire Busch

Beginner Coach

Coach Claire is a strong technical athlete who has been fencing since 2010. She has always been more focused on the mental and physical health benefits of fencing than the competitive side - but she did finish in the top 32 at the 2013 Junior Olympics and has competed all over the country. To her, fencing is a way to decompress and clear the mind. Now she works with beginners focusing on technique and form. Claire has a degree in industrial design from the University of Cincinnati, is an alumna of Phi Mu Fraternity, and is ordained as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, USA. Please welcome Coach Claire to CFA!


Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery

Athlete Preparation and Fitness 

We partnered up with a modern science based fitness center to provide specialized training for our competitive fencers. 

About Elite from their website: 

  • "Elite Wellness uses innovative technology to accelerate performance and recovery. Health and wellness is our number one priority. We offer an interactive environment geared towards athletes and anyone looking to improve their quality of living. Our team has an extensive background in sports, fitness and nutrition.

  • We are constantly looking for new advancements in the health and fitness industry to biohack human genetics. Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to override your body’s biology so you can feel your absolute best. With the help of cutting edge technology, we aim to reduce pain, boost metabolism, slow aging, accelerate recovery, lose weight, promote relaxation, optimize performance and more.

  • With the amount of stress that is put on a person in everyday living, it is imperative to take the appropriate steps to help the mind and body recover. Without performance there is no recovery and without recovery there is no performance."