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Corporate team building events at Cardinal Fencing Academy are suitable for men and women of all ages.  Our team building fencing activities require no previous experience and are perfect for a team of six to sixteen people looking for a fun new way to become better acquainted through full contact sparring with an electric epee then shaking hands afterwards. It is perfectly safe and all equipment is provided.

We can incorporate the strategic aspects of fencing into your business profile and deliver training on a diverse range of skills, like observation of your partners and environment, decision making, negotiation and communication. A fencing bout is a microcosm of the business world in that it can be both a controlled adversarial encounter and a mutually beneficial partnership at the same time. Fencing reinforces following rules during heated bouts that can benefit everyone building a career in America's competitive corporate environment. 

The Head Coach and Founder of Cardinal Fencing Academy combines international competitive results with lessons learned at Intel Corporation's D1C and D1D Factory Automation Support Team. 

Coach Alex is a fencer with multiple National medals, a coach and a software engineer in the IT security industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge from both the corporate and the competitive combat sports worlds.

Coach Inaki is a multiple Division 1 and NCAA top 8 finisher with a degree in journalism from Ohio State University and brings student athlete perspective to highly technical and joyful classes.

Some famous fencers include Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Matt Andresen of Citadel Securities and others

A typical 2-hour session will include:

  • Gentle warm up with a movement oriented game.

  • Demonstration of a high level fencing bout.

  • Rules, safety and technical briefing.

  • Introduction to basic skills.

  • Partner drills and fencing games.

  • Suiting up in the fencing uniform.

  • One-on-one bouts.

Lunch hour, evenings and weekends available. $20 per person.

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