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Cardinal Fencing Academy June Newsletter: Pushing to the finish line! Summer schedule and more!

Dear fencing friends,

Congratulations to all our graduates! We are super proud of the 2019 Class and wish you success in all your future endeavors, be it in fencing, academics or life. Our doors are always open should you choose to stop by for the holidays!


The End of Season Potluck and Friday Night Fight is June 21st, 7pm. You are invited to come hang out and fence a few bouts before everyone goes on Summer Vacations. Please sign up to bring a dish here. We extend a special invitation to the families that are going to Nationals and ask that you bring your team colors for a group photo.

Beginner Tournament:

We invite our Beginners from all our classes to try a low key tournament on Saturday, June 22nd, 9am! This intro tournament will help the fencers and their families understand the registration and competition process. Plus, it’s fun! To register, please click here to go to our tournament on (Fencing Results and Events Database) and register there.We also ask that you register with USA Fencing for the Non-Competitive membership ($10/year) and this will be an enforced requirement next season for all fencing activities as it provides an additional layer of insurance. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, especially in the group chat.


Our very own Scott Farber (Ian’s dad) is running for a member at large of the Virginia Division. This post would enable Cardinal Fencing Academy to host officially sanctioned USA Fencing events which can provide ratings and potentially qualification paths for larger events. If you have kids fencing and would like to support this cause, please upgrade your USA Fencing membership to a “Supporting” status. The form you have to fill out for proxy voting is in a blue folder at the club.

Summer Schedule:

Our Summer Schedule Grid is here. All lessons and classes are A La Carte. If you know all your travel plans, you are welcome to book lessons and classes in advance, otherwise you are welcome to pay per week.


The Preliminary 2019-2020 Lesson and Class grid for all of our coaches is here. We are more than 70% through all our planning meetings, so if you would like to discuss the next season options please schedule a meeting with the head coach here. If you have already made the decision as to which program you will participate in, please make the deposit here and you will be confirmed in the scheduling pipeline. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 240 424 0749.


The first Beginner Summer Camp is all but sold out, only one spot left! The second week has five slots left and the third week is about half way. Please register today for the Summer Camps, as we are projected to sell out by end of June.

Thank you so much for your time and see you at the fencing gym! Final push of 2019, here we come!

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