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CFA Reopens Monday June 22nd: protocols for camps and free-fencing.

Dear fencing friends and family.

We are so exited to open our doors for group practices again! Our goal is to make you feel safe and welcome upon your return. This is why there will never be more than 10 people in the gym at a time and we are instituting procedures that must be followed quite strictly. 

Please go over the following with your fencer in case they do not see this email.

  • Masks required. Here is a great post from a doctor outlining why they work. While we will provide some masks, we suggest you use a personal one that is comfortable to sweat in. There are a lot of options and we have some available in the CFA store.

  • Arrival. Temperature check then immediately wash hands. Indoor shoes only. Please wear your knickers and be ready to work out. Bags to be lined up six squares (feet) along the walls.

  • Bathroom protocol. Please wash hands then wipe toilet seat and flusher with sanitizing cloth. Do not flush the cloth, please throw it away into the trashcan.

  • Physical distancing. During lunch and breaks we will line up chairs six squares apart and assign a fencer to each chair.

  • Water. Personal water bottles required. You are welcome to use the touch-less water station but please refrain from using the spigot. 

  • Sparring and drills. No more than four pairs at a time, with a strip in between. That makes for eight fencers and two coaches.

  • Scoring machine use. Please wipe your hands with sanitizer before and after picking up the wireless receiver. 

  • Saluting only. No handshakes goes without saying, but please make eye contact when you salute and make sure you connect with your sparring partner.

  • Taking breaks. Please do not actively fence for more than about three minutes at a time. Wearing a mask may make you short of breath so we have to pace ourselves. 

Here is a video illustrating the spread of moisture particles from a person talking with and without a mask. Between the above practices and the fact that CFA will have constant downward air pressure from the fans across the whole room, I believe we will minimize the risk.

Open fencing will be available at 8:30pm following the same protocols. Please text me 240 424 0749 if you plan on coming for open fencing.

Can’t wait to see you!

Yours, Coach Ilya and the CFA team.

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