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PRESS RELEASE: Loudoun Fencer Michaela Joyce brings home Gold Medal from World Cup in Grenoble.


DATE: 11/18/2019

Cardinal Fencing Academy (Sterling, VA) fencer Michaela Joyce (15) closed for the USA Team that won Gold at the Grenoble Cadet Epee World Cup.

The team of Michaela Joyce (Sterling, VA), Faith Park (15, Annandale, VA), Hadley Husissian (Gold Medal, 16, Fairfax VA) and Yasmine Khamis (14, Dallas, TX) defeated Russia with a significant lead in the semi-final and left no chances for Germany in the final with a decisive 45:29 victory.

Team fencing matches are fought in a round robin format where each team's fencer faces every other fencer from the opposing team. The air was electric and the cheers loud when Michaela shut down Russia's star fencer with a 5-0 win and fought the last round against Germany with precision and explosive creativity.

"It is a pleasure to watch the girls work together and have fun despite being up against such strong opponents. Team fencing is super fun because the whole is greater than just the sum of the parts. This team is like a tango quartet where each player is a master of their instrument." - Said Coach Ilya Lobanenkov, founder of Cardinal Fencing academy and Michaela's personal coach.

Next stop for Michaela is Charlotte, North Carolina where the Cadet Women's Epee circuit continues until April, when the World Championship Team is selected from six best results achieved at designated tournaments.


More photos here:

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