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New Introduction to Fencing Classes.

Dear Fencing friends and Families!

If you would like to try fencing, we now offer an A La Carte one hour intro session for $20, just to see if it for you or someone you may know. This is an excellent way to check out the club, learn the basics, watch advanced fencers and talk to the coaches and current members.


Fencing is slow to saddle up but fast to go once you get comfortable. To get a feel for the sport we have to make sure everyone understands the safety and scoring rules, learns to suit up and knows some basic technique. It is a combat sport but it is one of the safest and least injury prone events at the Olympics. (Surprising, according to Scientific American.)


In the beginning, the suiting up alone, may take upwards of 30 minutes. This is why we created a no-commitment trial session. You may take as many of these sessions as you like at your leisure. Once you get used to everything that is not actually sword fighting, things go pretty quickly and are a lot of fun. You're welcome to join an ongoing class at that time or discuss the Core program with us.


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