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November 2020 Newsletter: Happy Thanksgiving and COVID safety measures update for the Holiday season

Dear fencing friends and families,

We are closed Wednesday, November 25th through Sunday, November 29th. We reopen Monday, November 30th.

We would like to express our gratitude for your support of Cardinal Fencing Academy and wish you the best out of Thanksgiving 2020!

Our special gratitude goes to our coaches and assistants that make our programs possible:

  • Coach Alex for his leadership, technical knowledge, the ability to inspire calm analysis under pressure and always being available whenever a student needs help with a tough action.

  • Coach Inaki for his inspiring sparring lessons, kindness and footwork classes that produce joyful banter even though everyone is dying from exertion.

  • Coach Doug for the new perspectives he brings to CFA and helping us grow the program while we operate at half capacity.

  • Coach Claire for braving the bridge commute from Maryland upon her return from college to brilliantly run the beginner and recreational programs.

  • Assistant Coach Michaela for always representing the best of what fencing is about with her joyful discipline and intensity on the strip.

  • Assistant Coaches Ethan, Ajit, Cameron and Zak for always finding some time in their busy school and training schedule to show newcomers why fencing is so awesome.

We continue building our team and it’s looking good and thank you again for being a part of the journey!

We are implementing the following new policies due to rising COVID numbers in Loudoun County, at least until January 3rd when we come back from Winter break:

  • Travel quarantine. If you have traveled out of town please get tested before returning to practice. Test timing is critical so please wait at least seven days after potential exposure before getting tested. This has already been discussed individually with the travel team that went to Music City and everyone is onboard.

  • Contact tracing for the Competitive classes and coaches. This will be discussed on an individual case basis and only applies to certain overlapping classes at CFA. We are working on making this as convenient as possible.

  • Continuing sanitation, ventilation and strict masking operations as before.

Thank you again for being a part of CFA, especially during these intense times and stay safe. See you at the gym on the other side of Thanksgiving!


Head Coach and CFA Founder Ilya V. Lobanenkov

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