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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Dear Fencing Friends and Families,

Please read carefully to make the best of the upcoming end of season and Summer 2023!

Our recurring payments will stop the first week of June. We honor all purchases made mid month and move your schedule forward on a case by case basis.

Last day of regular classes is Friday, June 16th.

June 19th to 23rd and June 26th to 30th: Our End of Season and Nationals Prep Camps. These camps are designed for all our 12 and Up fencers on the competitive circuit. Even if you are not going to Nationals, we highly recommend you close the season with one or both of these. Click here to Register Now.

June 23rd, 5pm. End of Season Reception. Catered by Moby Dick, we invite all fencers, their families and friends to celebrate achievements, learn from defeats and just hang out. It’s a great chance to meet some of the fencers and families from other classes you normally would not cross paths with. Click here to RSVP.

July 3rd to 8th. Closed for Nationals and moving to our new space.

July 10th through August 11th: Beginner Camps!

Our beginner camps are a great way to introduce the sport and are excellent for kids in their first season of lessons and competition. With the much larger facility we are increasing the age limit to 14 and will group everyone accordingly.

August 14th to 18th. Elite camp. With Olympic Champion Sandro Cuomo, his two World Cup medalist sons Valerio and Fabrizio and the Italian Team Mental Coach and Professor of Child Development and Psychology Luigi Mazzone. This is a game changing camp and is a joy to watch this dream team work the room. Click here for more info and registration.

Private lessons during the Summer will be available a La Carte in the evenings on weekdays and everyone is welcome to arrange open fencing via the group chat. We will create a separate schedule sheet for each week on Hephaestus.

Fall 2023 Schedule. Welcome to CFA 2.0!

Please read carefully as our menu has changed.

We are increasing the duration of our core classes yet doing everything we can not to raise tuition. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, our Youth Classes will be 80 minutes, and the Travel Class will be 2 hours. Coaches Ilya, Doug and Konstantin will teach these classes on a rotating basis with Coaches Alex, Jose, Peter and the rest of our emerging team assisting. Additional sparring time will be available immediately after your class and private lessons will be arranged on an individual basis.

Athlete Prep will move back to CFA on Mondays and Fridays, taking advantage of Coach Konstantin’s experience in Modern Pentathlon and as a military trainer. Our focus is on providing an all around Sports Education to our fencers, including coordination, strength, speed, stamina, discipline and injury prevention. All taught in a joyful, supportive environment, taking an individual approach when necessary. The travel calendar is also considered and prior to events the Athlete Prep classes will teach good tournament habits. This includes pre and post event recovery, equipment maintenance, situational awareness, emotional strategies, referee etiquette and more.

We are extremely grateful to Elite Wellness for years of partnership with us but bringing Athlete Prep back to CFA will allow for additional sparring and lessons to be scheduled around that class.

Early versions of our schedule grid “Hephaestus” and the 2023-2024 price list are available upon request.

Armory 2.0 Coach Konstantin is taking over all armory work. We are moving to a CFA 2.0 standardized weapon kit using parts and assembly methods that maximize the quality of a weapon. Diagnostics and small repairs such as missing screws, tightenings, tip or spring replacements and the like are free of charge. A rewire is $65 which includes both parts and labor. New weapon assembly and configuration is $20.

Please communicate and settle invoices directly with Coach Konstantin. And please remember to put the fencer’s name on the repair tag!

Happy fencing and we can’t wait to watch you grow further as an athlete and human being!

CFA Head Coach and Founder Ilya V. Lobanenkov

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