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The next month and beyond for CFA Clients

Dear Fencing Friends and Families,

Cardinal Fencing Academy is in compliance with USA Fencing's directive to stop all practices, including one on one lessons, group classes and competitions until at least April 6th.

As for any small business the financial cost of the shutdown is severe, but we chose to support our community and those who are most likely to suffer complications from contracting the virus. People like my father with a long list of health problems, and my mom, who has been a heart of CFA from day one.

Though we cannot afford to offer any refunds, we will service the packages well into July, past Summer Nationals and beyond if need be. 

During the quarantine, our coaches are offering 30 minute chunks of time over the internet in lieu of a scheduled lesson. Please harbour no illusions that nothing can replace face to face time with a coach. What we can do is talk you through drills with a wall target or footwork session or go over a bout video in detail. Please set up a process to upload videos and use WhatsApp to communicate. Work with your coach to schedule a session. 

I will also be sending out daily physical fitness routines. Here is your first one. 


Head Coach and Founder Ilya Lobanenkov

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