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Welcome Home and Off Season Schedule

Dear Fencing Friends and Families!

Welcome home to our Nationals Team and a big congratulations to our Division 3 National Champion Spencer Rothka, Coach Jose for his Bronze Medal in Vet 80 (Fencing is truly a lifetime sport) and David Hitchcock for a strong Top Eight finish in Vet 50.

We are proud of all our athletes competing in the biggest fencing event in the world, for ratings earned and lessons learned! You deserve some R&R and we are waiting for you at our new facility! Big thank you to Coach Doug for his support as first time Chief of Mission. The steps he clocked approach a half marathon at least. Check out this Google Photos album from the event and feel free to add your favorite moments to it.

Please talk to your coach directly to schedule some off season lessons and training to stay sharp. We are poised to run practices 6pm to 8pm and everyone is welcome. Also, the George Mason University team started practices on Sunday evenings 6pm to 9pm, I'm sure they wont mind if a few of our fencers join them should you find that time convenient.

It may seem early, but we highly recommend starting to plan your next season today! First RYC in New Jersey is August 19th. Most of our year two fencers are poised to qualify for Nationals 2024, so please, please make a note to plan vacations after Nationals. We will run a prep camp again, then it is highly recommended to continue taking lessons up to two days before your first event.

See you at CFA 2.0!

Head Coach and Founder Ilya V. Lobanenkov

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