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2020-2021 Fencing Season starts Tuesday, September 8th.

Dear fencing friends and families,

It’s hard to believe the Summer is over, it went by so fast! I think the COVID monster ate a few months of progress but we’re adapting and moving forward.

Beyond fencing, our goal is to create an island of stability for the kids and some relief for the parents. Please read carefully the following updates as we’re streamlining our programs and optimizing arrival/departures to accommodate COVID safety.

Class registration is open. We updated class names and descriptions.

Intro: multiple age appropriate beginner classes perfect for those with zero experience or those that have done a camp or two. One class a week for eight weeks at $240 for each eight week session.

Rec 1: Recreational Youth age 7 to 11 with short (size 2) blades: Suited for anyone with some beginner experience who wants to keep up with his/her training. Ongoing monthly at $160 per month.

Rec 2: Recreational 11 to 16 with adult (size 5) blades for Suited for anyone with some beginner experience who wants to keep up with his/her training. Ongoing monthly at $160 per month.

Adult: older teens and adults all levels. Ongoing monthly at $160 per month. Super fun to take as a family.

C1: Competitive Youth ages 7 to 11 with short (size 2) blades. Great for our regional and national competitors or beginner kids on at least a Bronze package. C2 track.

C2: Competitive Youth ages 11 to 14 with adult (size 5) blades. Regular local tournament fencers and our National travel team preparing for the USA Fencing circuit and World Cups. C4 Track.

C3: Competitive/Recreational Teens ages 12 to 18. For the serious recreational fencer interested in having fun, a nice workout, stress relief and maybe a few local competitions. Talk to Coach Claire about this style of journey.

C4: Competitive Teens and Adults. Travel team preparing to medal at Regional, Super Youth, National and International events. College recruitment track.

F1: Footwork 1. Younger and recreational fencers.

F2: Footwork 2. Competitive track fencers. Athlete prep and footwork.

COVID Procedures:

No bags. Aside from the basics (always masks, temperature check, sanitizing) we are now on a no-bag policy. Please make sure to pack your things like this.

Fencers and Coaches only. “Parent Land” is gone until further notice. Parents, you are welcome to hang out outside the garage door with masks on, but please be mindful of our pick up and drop off traffic. No more than one person at a time inside the big red X on the floor please.

No food. If you absolutely must eat please do it outside of the gym

Water Bottles. Please remember your water bottles. With water inside. Water fountain is off limits except in emergencies.

Other Clubs. Please let us know if you plan to [attend any other practices anywhere else. Detailed policies are available here.

Class Duration. Classes are now 50 minutes long to allow the last 10 minutes for COVID safety.

USA Fencing membership:

Please renew or join the USA Fencing Membership at least at the Non-Competitive level. This provides insurance and allows you to vote in our elections. We will really need your help to elect a board member and other officers! Having a board member on site allows us to hold tournaments and has other benefits. Parents can purchase a supporting membership for a nominal fee.

Returning members and packages:

Please check for your fencers name on our schedule grid, “Hephaestus”. It is entering its final stage, though is still somewhat flexible. Please let us know ASAP if you do not see your fencer on the roster or if your slot has moved. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Here’s our important links link, all the documents we use to run our program are collected there.

Have a great rest of the week and we are looking forward to the 2020-2021 Season with you!

Head Coach and Founder, Ilya V. Lobanenkov and the CFA team.

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