Purchasing your equipment. (Updated February 2021)

Updated: Feb 15

Dear all, this entry is for those asking about purchasing equipment. We do provide all equipment for Beginner and Recreational classes but if you like the sport, we recommend purchasing at least a weapon, mask and glove.

Long story short:

The simplest thing would be to call Absolute Fencing ( 732-868-9003) and ask them to help measure your fencer over the phone. Tell them you are at Cardinal Fencing Academy and fence electric epee. Once you are fitted you can order online.

You need the following:

  • Youth 10 and under: Size 2 Electric Epee with Absolute Gold blade and French grip.

  • Youth 12 and up: Size 5 Adult Electric Epee with Absolute Gold blade and French grip.

  • For the Youth in that in-between age of 10ish to 12ish, it depends on the class/program you are attending. Most kids in this range have two short blades and one long one then transition to all long blades as they get older.

  • If you know you love the sport and are willing to spend the money please purchase the weapon with a BF Blue FIE Maraging blade in M(edium) density. Details below. It's much more expensive but worth it. Read below for more details. In general, FIE equipment is much higher quality and in the long run you'll end up spending more money on cheaper equipment.

  • Left or Right Handed glove. Fencers wear a glove only on the weapon hand.

  • Absolute mask

  • Front zip stretch jacket (Easier to put on than a back zip jacket.)

  • Knickers

  • Under arm protector

  • Plastic chest protector

  • Body Wire

  • Equipment bag that fits all of the above gear

I think this is a good beginners set to start with.

When ordering ask for the weapon to be canted either for a righty or leftie. Please insist over the phone or in the online order comments section. Canting is a process to configure the grip to place the hand in a relaxed position, thus making all actions easier on the wrist.

Once your equipment arrives, please practice putting it on a few times so that we do not waste any time at practice.

We also have an armorer that is happy to assemble weapons from spare parts and repair malfunctioning gear. Armory forms are by the whiteboard and you can contact Saunier Incorporated here.