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February 2021 Newsletter: Important reminders, tournament and camps.

Dear fencing Friends and Families.

Hope the new month finds you in good health!

Important reminders:

  • We're still in a pandemic. I feel like this is a 12-10 situation in a very long bout. We're in a good position but the momentum can change. Lets not mess this up when we can see the finish. Please keep in mind that we need to wear proper masks like this one, physically distance when drinking water or using the "picnic" shelf and follow all the other protocols in place.

  • USA Fencing membership. All activities at CFA requires at least the Non Competitive ($10/year) membership in USA Fencing. Yes, even the beginner classes and single lessons please. This provides us an additional layer of insurance and helps elect a CFA member to the Virginia board. That, in turn, allows us to easily host tournaments.

  • Package payments and club fees are due first week of the month please. (Friendly important reminder...)

  • Tournament this upcoming Saturday, limited to eight CFA kids per event. Registration here. I especially encourage our beginners to try their hand at it. It's a perfect way to finish a beginner session before you decide what to do next.

  • Summer Camp registration is up! If this is your first year fencing, the beginner summer camps are still a lot of fun and really good for skill development. Intermediate and competitive camps will be added later once we know what's going on with 2021 Summer Nationals.

  • Enjoying Fencing? Please leave us a review! This really helps with staying high in Google search rankings and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance and see you at the club.

Always feel free to contact the club, we are happy to help and will make time to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Coach Ilya and the CFA Team.

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