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Day Camps split into Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions

Dear fencing friends and family.

After considering some lessons earned from our morning and evening sessions this week, and hearing some feedback, we are offering shorter three hour sessions for each week long camp.

  • Morning: 9am to 12noon.

  • Afternoon: 1pm to 4pm.

  • Evening: 5pm to 8pm.

Phase Two protocols in place. We will sanitize all commonly touched objects in between sessions. This includes the wireless receivers, doorknobs and the bathroom.

You are welcome to attend multiple sessions and of course if you already paid you are credited for any segment you would like. $180 per week for three hours and can be combined any way you like as long as it's age appropriate.

CFA members: if we do not fill a Beginner session with four kids, we will open up the time for our fencers.

Can’t wait to see you! Thank you for being understanding during these fluctuating times.

Yours, Coach Ilya and the CFA team.

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